Innovation Training
Disruptive innovation for an ever-changing world

Key Components: キーとなる教育主題

A.Game-Changing Innovation: Learn which ingredients spark true innovation.

B.Innovation Strategies: Learn strategies to disrupt markets and push your company to the top.

C.The Team: Learn the secret to forming an innovative team.

Program Examples 教育プログラム例

1.Innovation Training - a basic program for any global workforce

2.“From Know-how to Do-how”, the thought and action patterns of innovators

Developing Innovation Education Programs イノベーション教育プログラムの開発について

1. Lead time リードタイム
We generally estimate a lead time of around three to six months, depending on the objectives of the education program, the target trainees, the target output, and other factors.

2. Average program period/program components 平均的なプログラム期間と構成要素
For most clients, we design programs  by combining (1) on-site courses (group training), (2) off-site courses (camp-based training and/or field trips, etc.), (3) fieldwork activities (tasks for completion before/during the program), (4) virtual coaching (individualized online tutoring), and (5) group coaching (face-to-face tutoring).

3. Class size 1クラスの人数
We recommend dividing each class (with up to 20 trainees) into four or five groups of four trainees each. We can also arrange for a multi-class setup, with the groups progressing in a parallel fashion.

4. Facilitators 講師
We recommend using teams of facilitators, perferreably three per class, with backgrounds in different fields of expertise. Through that approach, classes help trainees tap into their potential by examining issues from a wider range of perspectives.
Ex.: The Lead Facilitator (a specialist in innovation) oversees the class, while two Sub Facilitators (specialists in finance, teamwork, or coaching, for example) assist.
異なる専門領域を持つ、複数の講師でチームを組んで指導することをお勧めしています。平均的な1クラスに対する講師人数は、3名です。複眼的な視点からの指導で、受講者の潜在能力を存分に発揮させることが可能になります。 例)主担当講師(イノベーションを専門とする)が全体指導を行い、主担当講師とは異なる専門性(例:ファイナンス、チームワークなど)を持つ副担当講師を2名配置する。

Feel free to contact us about any questions you might have, examples of past programs, or design proposals. 

Facilitation: ファシリテーション

  • Mainly offered in English and Japanese, other languages available on request.
  • Our multilingual facilitators consist of highly educated professionals from around the world,
    ready to train your workforce with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Business case studies optimized for each course deepen participants’ understanding.
  • Receive coaching to bring innovative ideas to life.
  • Online and offline support provided on request.
  • Training programs available for 1 to 30 participants at a time.