Diversity Training
Mastering Diversity: Maximize Team Dynamics

Key Components: キーとなる教育主題

A. Global Mindset: Acquire a broad, global perspective

B. Liberal Arts: the Liberal Arts speed-learning series for businesspeople

C. Cultural Diversity: Diversity from a Cultural Perspective
     文化的多様性: 世界の多様性を、独自の文化的価値観区分で学ぶ

D. Individual Diversity: Diversity from Personal Values and Preferences
     個人的多様性: 世界共通の、個人的価値観と傾向性に関する理解を深める

Program Examples 教育プログラム例

 A. Global Mindset Training (1day) for Business Professionals / Students

グローバルマインドセット研修 (1日)    ビジネスパーソン向けと生徒・学生向けにカスタマイズします

<Sample Agenda for Business Professionals  ビジネスパーソン向け構成例>

Chapter 1.  Understanding Globalization グローバル化の理解

  1-1)Fundamental Questions about the Globe 地球に関する簡単なクイズ

      1-2)What is Globalization ? Difference between “International” and “Global” ?

      1-3)Opportunity and Threat the World and Japan Face

      1-4)Background of Globalization グローバル化の背景

      1-5)International Market vs. Global Market 国際市場とグローバル市場

      1-6) “Single Lens” vs. “Multi Lens”  シングル・レンズからマルチ・レンズへ

Chapter 2.  Global Diversity from Cultural Perspective 世界の文化的多様性

     2-1)Aspects of Culture 文化の様々なレベル

     2-2) An Original  World Map of Culture and Business Cases 独自の文化区分世界地図とビジネス事例集

      - Keywords, Origin and Influence on Modern Society, and Tips for Business and Social Life from 
               Three Major Cultural Areas and Case Studies


Chapter 3. Japanese Companies’ Sense of Values 日本企業の価値観とそのルーツ

  3-1) The Five Keywords and backgrounds 5つのキーワードとその背景

B. Liberal Arts Workshop  for Any Global Workforce, for Students, and New Graduates


You can begin that process right now.  The program consists of three steps: two- to three-hour workshops that enable attendees to participate actively. All three steps can be completed in one day.


Workshops are led by a team of facilitators from the applicable regional and cultural backgrounds (“Team facilitation”). Facilitation and materials are provided in Japanese and English.  Other language services and simultaneous interpretation are also available.


 C. Cultural Diversity: Diversity from a Cultural Perspective for Business Professionals / Students (Half Day)  
     文化的多様性: 世界の多様性を、独自の文化的価値観区分で学ぶ(半日)

World history, ideology, and values have developed over time and now affect business in modern society.

By covering and discussing the course of history, we train human resources whose ideas and actions will shape the future of business.



Keywords, Origin and Influence on Modern Society, and Tips for Business and Social Life from Three Major Cultural Areas and Case Studies


 D. Individual Diversity: Diversity from Personal Values and Preferences for Business Professionals / Students  (Half day / 1day)
     個人的多様性: 世界共通の、個人的価値観と傾向性に関する理解を深める(半日/1日)ビジネスパーソン向け、生徒・学生向けにカスタマイズします。

FIND YOUR INNER SPARK あなた独自の光り方があります

We provide an accurate, personalized portrait focusing on increased self-awareness and practical development points to assess and improve communication, teamwork and leadership.


Lumina Learning creates innovative psychometrics. By taking a humanistic approach and viewing people as “human beings” rather than “human doings”  We as one of the top Lumina Learning practitioners in Asia and Japan, can help organizations transform their performance by transforming their people.



Lumina Spark Portrait is a fully personalized training material that guides you towards a better understanding of yourself so you can find your strengths and areas for growth to be a successful working person in the global market. To create your own Portrait, you need to complete an online evaluator before you join the training program.


The colorful and memorable feedback will provide a valuable resource for you to gain insightful and far-reaching learning for personal and professional growth.

Facilitation: ファシリテーション

Mainly offered in English and Japanese, other languages available on request.

Our multilingual facilitators consist of highly educated professionals from around the world, ready to train your workforce with the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Business case studies optimized for each course deepen participants’ understanding.

Online and offline support provided on request.

Training programs available for 1 to 200 participants at a time.