1.Service overview 当社のサービス概要
GREEN provides clients with comprehensive support for their human resources and organization development mainly through business training programs.
2.Vision and Misson ビジョンとミッション



In this era of global business where business people can advance into the world for their business,
we try to provide support for all business people so that they build up their characters and abilities, cooperate and collaborate together, and offer great business values throughout the world.
Our goal is to serve as an escort runner for each business person that goes through this global age.

We have our unique vision (how this world should exist) to have a diversity of people co-exist
so as to create a better world while appreciating their values and enhancing one another.
Realization of this vision is our mission at the behavioral level. We strive to provide business support mainly through development of human resources and organizations for global corporations.

We promise that we will hear from each of our customers and exert ourselves to the utmost to offer creative and innovative business solutions.
Company nameGREEN Co., Ltd.   (会社名:株式会社GREEN)
FoundedDecember 20, 2006(設立:2006年12月20日)
PresidentAkie Mimori (代表者:三森 暁江)
Company address2-28-10 Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0013
(本社住所:東京都渋谷区恵比寿2-28-10 〒150-0013)
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